Cygwin now on Python 3? What about Mercurial?

Stephen John Smoogen
Thu Mar 4 13:30:00 GMT 2021

On Thu, 4 Mar 2021 at 04:27, Russell VT via Cygwin <>

> Cygwin Enthusiasts!
> ...

> So, I understand... that's a LONG way to go to ask all of y'all, how do we
> fix this thing? Can someone point me at a good reference to being a Cygwin
> contributor, to the point that I can actually help move some things along,
> like this, rather than bitching to all y'all about getting it fixed? (Read:
> Can I compile this myself, and submit it back to chief stakeholders so that
> they may publish a new package? I'm "git" and "devops" fluent, though my C
> and its close relatives are on the weak-side, these days - one of
> the reasons I want good Python environments!)
Thanks for the offers for help.

Packages in Cygwin are maintained by volunteers who are usually doing a lot
of other things versus working on Cygwin these days. It does not have much
if any infrastructure to do testing but relies on consumers of the packages
to do so for you.  Things like this happen more when the volunteers who are
doing the work get stretched thin and few people come in to help. Your
offers to help are thus well received

Does help you?

> Cheers!
> Russell VT
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Stephen J Smoogen.

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