Would it be possible to update the bash package?

L A Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Fri Mar 5 15:32:10 GMT 2021

On 2021/03/03 16:40, Jack S wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 10:03 PM L A Walsh wrote:
>     What features are you looking for in 5.0 that you need it?
> Bug fixes and security updates. Also I want to have version parity with 
> my servers.
	I don't recall any security vulnerabilities reported
in 4.3/4.4 that have been fixed, and there have been just as
many bugs introduced in 5.0 as fixed, as features and behaviors

	Really I don't see a compelling reason there should be
any hurry to update.  In my own testing, I've been unable to
build a version that doesn't crash/dump core on linux and don't
really think the 5.x series has had a thorough vetting such
that it would be regarded as being as stable as 4.3/4.4.

	The 5.x series is still new and I'm thinking if
5.x is offered, it should stay on the beta channel for a few
more major releases.  I certainly don't see 5.0 being more
Posix compatible than the 4.x series or more compatible with
existing shells.  I'm not sure cygwin should strive to be on
the bleeding edge as it is designed to be a Posix compatible
solution -- not necessarily something with all the latest
bleeding edge versions.

	It's not up to me what version ships with cygwin,
but if I wanted a newer version I'd build it myself and I'd
hope the bash maintainer for cygwin would upgrade to 5.x when
5.x is more mature, though I certainly see no problem and would
support 5.x being offered as in the  beta/test channel for a 
few releases. That seems like a perfect fit for a stable vs.
new structure.

	But that's just my opinion at the time...


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