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Kraja, Aldi aldikraja@email.wustl.edu
Fri Mar 5 21:22:30 GMT 2021

Dear Thomas, Kavalgios, Brian and who is the maintainer of the CYGWIN team,
Please remove my email address aldi@wustl.edu from your posting lists (cygwin@cygwin.com).

I have enjoyed your hard work as well as your outstanding contributions. But, now the time has arrived that your project is obsolete, because Microsoft has introduced ubuntu for windows system on windows 10, which covers everything I need. So, I have removed cygwin software from all my computers.

The installation of UBUNTU on windows 10 is very simple: a) On the search box of windows 10, search for "Turn Windows Features On or Off", b) In that list, check the box for "Windows Subsystem for Linux", c) Install the latest UBUNTU from Microsoft store for free, d) run terminal of Ubuntu from windows as an app: first time it will asks to set a username and password.
e) Follow with sudo ubuntu apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu apt update. The rest is whatever the user wants to do, by installing additional packages, emacs etc. To simplify the use of x-win interface one can install VcXsrc for using XLaunch app for free.

Once more thank you for all your efforts in years. It has been a great help to use your software in years.

Best wishes,

Aldi Kraja, DSc, PhD

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> >>> Sent: 02 March 2021 08:15
> >>> zip 358KB > 256KB too big I think
> > OK, the mystery has been resolved. There should be at least an e-mail
> notification to indicate that limitation. It is not polite for the list to simply
> ignore the submissions without saying anything :)
> There have been 3 responses on the list so what are you complaining about?

I couldn't send the log file "setup.log.full" as attachment to the list. I tried both plain and zip version to no avail.

I have manage to sent it only as a private e-mail to Brian. There was no e-mail returned to indicate any error. It was silently ignored whereas there should be an error notification, or if there was it never reached my mailbox.

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