Achim Gratz
Sat Mar 13 20:28:03 GMT 2021

Jonathan Yong via Cygwin writes:
> I've not honestly tried setting up libgccjit, looks like its as simple
> as adding jit to --enable-languages.
> Achim, mind trying?

That also needs --enable-host-shared and then it dies shortly after
configure because it can't find libiberty.a in $build_subdir which does
not exist.  The library itself is already made in the libiberty
directory, so some sort of install step went missing.  If I drop the
file there, it then proceeds to want the same thing in yet another
subdir.  Repeating the exercise gets me one step further after which it
looks for the same file in a third place…  dropping it there also seems
to get the compile rolling along, but there is clearly something
missing, either in configure or with the general handling of the target

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