Andy Moreton
Sun Mar 14 21:19:48 GMT 2021

On Sun 14 Mar 2021, Achim Gratz wrote:

> Andy Moreton via Cygwin writes:
>> The build scripts for Mingw64 in the MSYS2 distro are here:
> Ah, OK.  Thanks.
>> The PKGBUILD file is the build script (same tooling as Arch linux), and
>> the local patches there may help guide similar fixes for Cygwin.
> It seems these take quite a different path than what I had in mind.  But
> there seems to be confirmation in there that one would not need plugins
> or host-shared enabled for gccjit.  Getting rid of host-shared makes the
> build a lot closer to what it has been before I think and might then not
> need as extensive a surgery to get the rest of the build into line.

The MSYS2 libgccjit built from that spec works for 32bit and 64bit emacs
builds on the experimental emacs branch that uses the library. Hopefully
it will help with your porting efforts.

Thanks for working on this,


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