Sv: Problems with native Unix domain sockets on Win 10/2019

Ken Brown
Tue Mar 16 15:19:03 GMT 2021

On 3/16/2021 9:00 AM, Michael McMahon via Cygwin wrote:
> I think you can download pre-released builds from:

Right, but see below for cygwin-3.2.0-0.1.

> As mentioned already, the fix here is not actually support of AF_UNIX sockets 
> natively. My understanding is that they are implemented over loopback TCP in 
> cygwin, but the fix allows native AF_UNIX sockets to be handled (eg deleted) as 
> regular files through regular cygwin commands.
> Michael.
> On 16/03/2021 11:06, Kristian Ivarsson via Cygwin wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Does anyone know the status of these fixes ?
>> I saw an announcement for cygwin-3.2.0-0.1 that seemed to contain some
>> AF_UNIX-related fixes but I fail to find out where that distribution exists
>> (if it is supposed to be publicly accessible?), but I tried out the
>> 2021-03-01 snapshot and perhaps they are similar ?

You can install cygwin-3.2.0-0.1 in the usual way, through Cygwin's setup 
program.  Since it's a test release, you'll have to explicitly select that 
release; setup won't just offer it to you.

>> We bumped into some AF_UNIX-related issues when trying the 2021-03-01
>> -snapshot though. It might be some flaws in our code base but the same code
>> works in quite a few Linux-distros
>> We're more than willing to help out with testing this and/or trying to
>> narrow down any possible cygwin issues, but first we'd be glad if someone
>> could give us some kind of status report of this (so no one is doing any
>> unnecessary work)
>> Best regards,
>> Kristian
>> p.s.
>>     I tried to build the topic/af_unix -branch according to the FAQ, but
>> there was some issues

I'm still in the middle of some things on that branch, and I haven't had much 
time to work on it recently.  I hope to get back to it very soon.  In order to 
build it, you need to add -D__WITH_AF_UNIX to CXXFLAGS.  In order to test it, 
you need

#undef AF_UNIX
#define AF_UNIX 31

after including <sys/socket.h>


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