stdin pipe rename in 3.2.0

Christoph Reiter
Thu Mar 18 20:28:40 GMT 2021


I noticed that the stdin pipe was renamed from

"\msys-dd50a72ab4668b33-pty1-from-master" to
"\msys-dd50a72ab4668b33-pty0-to-slave" in;a=commit;h=bb42852062073439

This trips up to detect the
cygpty which is used in various code bases.

Is there a reason it was renamed?

And while grepping I noticed the old name is still checked for in
other places like;a=blob;f=winsup/cygwin/;h=3c016315cdedb1dcca44cb3f3f96b87fd0b90a97;hb=HEAD#l162
which seems weird.


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