AF_UNIX/SOCK_DGRAM is dropping messages
Tue Mar 23 15:37:52 GMT 2021

Hi all

Using AF_UNIX/SOCK_DGRAM with current version (3.2.0) seems to drop messages or at least they are not received in the same order they are sent

Attached C:ish (with C++ threads though) sample program that essentially creates a "client" that writes as much as possible and a "server" that consumes as much as possible

It seems like some buffer is filled and then messages are dropped (or at least it appears so) (if someone is about to test this, the "sleep" might need to be adjusted in order to make this happen)

Hopefully it's just a flaw in our application (and sample), but as far as we can see, this should work

Does anyone, perhaps named Ken, have any insightful thoughts about this ?

Best regards,
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