Building the python swig tutorial

Hans-Bernhard Bröker
Sat Mar 27 15:09:32 GMT 2021

Am 27.03.2021 um 13:58 schrieb Brad Bell:

> It appeard that I need to add an non-standard location to a path so that 
> the linker can find these files ?

Read those error messages again.  It's failing to find things _in_ any 
of those files, which means it did in fact find all files it was looking 
for just fine.

So no, this is almost certainly no issue with locations of files.  It's 
an issue of not telling the linker that it's supposed to be looking for 
certain libraries in the first place.

But it's virtually impossible to diagnose this sensibly, as you opted 
not to show any of the actual command(s) you used.

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