AF_UNIX/SOCK_DGRAM is dropping messages
Wed Mar 31 08:24:57 GMT 2021

> >>> Using AF_UNIX/SOCK_DGRAM with current version (3.2.0) seems to drop
> >>> messages or at least they are not received in the same order they
> >>> are  sent


> Thanks for the test case.  I can confirm the problem.  I'm not familiar enough
> with the current AF_UNIX implementation to debug this easily.  I'd rather
> spend my time on the new implementation (on the topic/af_unix branch).  It
> turns out that your test case fails there too, but in a completely different way,
> due to a bug in sendto for datagrams.  I'll see if I can fix that bug and then try
> again.
> Ken

Ok, too bad it wasn't our own code base but good that the "mystery" is verified

I finally succeed to build topic/af_unix (after finding out what version of zlib was needed), but not with -D__WITH_AF_UNIX to CXXFLAGS though and thus I haven’t tested it yet

Is it sufficient to add the define to the "main" Makefile or do you have to add it to all the Makefile:s ? I guess I can find out though

Is topic/af_unix fairly up to date with master branch ?

Either way, I'll be glad to help out testing topic/af_unix

Keep up the good work

Best regards,

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