Console output broken in version 3.3.x under native ninja

Bresalier, Rob (Nokia - US/Murray Hill)
Wed Nov 10 15:40:37 GMT 2021


This worked fine with Cygwin 3.2.0 but is broken starting with Cygwin 3.3.0, hence I think it is a Cygwin bug and not a ninja bug.

When running Cygwin applications under Windows native 'ninja.exe' build tool (not the Cygwin packaged one) then the stdout is not emitted to the console starting with Cygwin 3.3.0. It worked fine with Cygwin 3.2.0 and stdout is emitted to the console. If using Cygwin ninja with 3.3.0 it also works. The problem is with Windows native ninja and Cygwin programs with Cygwin version 3.3.0 and later.

Using Cygwin ninja is not an option for us as a solution. We need to use the Windows native ninja for reasons that I won't go into here.

To reproduce the issue:

1) Download windows native ninja from here:
   a. Use that has the ninja.exe executable
   b. DO NOT USE the Cygwin version of ninja

2) Below is a sample file that demonstrates the problem. This sample simply causes bash -help to run. Create this text file in some directory.

3) cd to the directory where you have the, and then run the native ninja.exe, you won't see the bash --help output with Cygwin 3.3.0 and later.
  a. I suggesting using -v option with ninja.exe: "path/to/native/ninja.exe -v"

4) If you try it with Cygwin 3.2.0 it works fine you will see the bash --help output.

5) If you run c:/cygwin64/bin/bash --help outside of ninja it works fine.

6) This happens if you run the native ninja.exe from either a command window or from the Cygwin/minty/bash

Here is the sample to be used to reproduce the problem:

--------start --------------
  command = $COMMAND
  description = $DESC

build MC5U_BMDCO6_versions.txt: CUSTOM_COMMAND
  COMMAND = c:/cygwin64/bin/bash --help
  DESC = Running bash --help
  restat = 1
--------end --------------

Thanks for having a look.

Rob Bresalier

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