Cygwin installer does not terminate

Stefan Smorra
Tue Nov 30 09:09:05 GMT 2021


I am running the x86 installer under 64bit Windows 10 (as administrator) 
as follows:

setup-x86.exe -q -P rsync -R C:\smo-cygwin

-q is quiet

"-P rsync" means install rsync package

"-R C:\smo-cygwin" is the destination installation path

The problem is that the installer does not terminate. It stays open in 
the background (hidden) what can be seen in the task manager.

Also it's consuming 90% CPU and the generated log file under 
C:\smo-cygwin\var\log\setup.log is about 12GiB after 5min.

The log file looks like this:

2021/11/29 13:21:38 Changing gid back to original
2021/11/29 13:22:05 running: C:\smo-cygwin\bin\dash.exe 
2021/11/29 13:22:05 Changing gid to AdministratorsEnding cygwin install

The line "Changing gid to AdministratorsEnding cygwin install" then 
appears millions of times. It never ends and there are no other log 
lines coming.

Note that this only happens if I run the installer as administrator.

There seems to be problem when the installer changes gid. This can be 
seen in the log. The fact that it only happens if the installer is run 
as administrator approves this.

I also created a stackoverflow thread here

Best Regards


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