Confusing Cygwin X / xlaunch issue

Eliot Moss
Sun Oct 24 11:20:15 GMT 2021

A follow up:

I have tried other combination of which display is main when booting and which
is main when starting X.  These seem to be the case:

- Getting xterm fonts the right size requires *booting* with the hi-res
   display being main.  X can be starting with either being main.
- Getting the menu to come up requires starting X with the hi-res display
   being main; I can then change which display is main after I have started X.

So the only way I can get my preferred behavior seems to be:

- Boot with the hi-res screen as main
- Start X
- Switch to have the lo-res screen as main (which requires switching back
   before any reboot ...)

Does this all fit the understanding of how XWin starts up and interacts with
Windows display settings?

Best wishes - Eliot Moss

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