Cygwin/X newbie here - about xfce4

Bob Bernstein
Tue Mar 1 20:36:21 GMT 2022

Since the FAQ tells me not to expect ("In your dreams, fella, in 
your DREAMS!") replies on this list, I thought I'd provide one 
myself, and, to make it even more um attractive, I am using the 
email address that I subscribed with.

On Sun, 27 Feb 2022, Bob Bernstein wrote:

> 1. Is there what in some other OS's is known as a 
> "meta-package" for something like xfce4" a word, no.

> 2. Alternate version of question above: is there a base xfce4 
> package whose install will corral in the collection of xfce4 
> packages needed to get a first approximation to a working 
> desktop up and running?

xfce4-session seemed to the trick.

> 3. Can the Cygwin packages collection be searched for a single 
> file to find what package provides it? Example: 
> '.xfce4-session'?

I have found cygcheck. I don't what I was thinking making 
xfce4-session a hidden file. Oh well.

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