this must be a common problem, but repeated searching is not finding an answer

Gary Johnson
Sat Mar 19 23:18:06 GMT 2022

On 2022-03-19, Clayton Cramer wrote:

> On 3/19/2022 2:55 PM, Eliot Moss wrote:
> >You have to select packages explicitly.
> >
> >It does not just blindly install all of them - that's a lot of stuff,
> >and for various reasons not a great idea.  Install what you need.

> I installed everything, but that does not seem to include bc.

When you run the Cygwin Net Release Setup Program, a.k.a. Setup, and
after clicking Next a number of times, you should come to a
full-screen page titled, "Select Packages".  In the upper left
corner of that page is a drop-down list labelled View and with
a default setting of Pending.  Change that setting to Full.

To the right of the View selection is the Search box.  Enter into
that box just the two letters


You should see at the top of the resulting list of packages the bc
package.  The New column (the third column) for the bc package
probably says Skip.  Click on the arrow in that field and select the
newest package number, which should be 1.06.95-2.

At the bottom of that page, click on Next and follow whatever
instructions follow.  That should install bc as /usr/bin/bc.


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