this must be a common problem, but repeated searching is not finding an answer

Clayton Cramer
Sun Mar 20 15:04:58 GMT 2022

Thanks.  bc is now installed.

On 3/19/2022 5:18 PM, Gary Johnson wrote:
> On 2022-03-19, Clayton Cramer wrote:
>> On 3/19/2022 2:55 PM, Eliot Moss wrote:
>>> You have to select packages explicitly.
>>> It does not just blindly install all of them - that's a lot of stuff,
>>> and for various reasons not a great idea.  Install what you need.
>> I installed everything, but that does not seem to include bc.
> When you run the Cygwin Net Release Setup Program, a.k.a. Setup, and
> after clicking Next a number of times, you should come to a
> full-screen page titled, "Select Packages".  In the upper left
> corner of that page is a drop-down list labelled View and with
> a default setting of Pending.  Change that setting to Full.
> To the right of the View selection is the Search box.  Enter into
> that box just the two letters
>      bc
> You should see at the top of the resulting list of packages the bc
> package.  The New column (the third column) for the bc package
> probably says Skip.  Click on the arrow in that field and select the
> newest package number, which should be 1.06.95-2.
> At the bottom of that page, click on Next and follow whatever
> instructions follow.  That should install bc as /usr/bin/bc.
> HTH,
> Gary
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