Installing latest Cygwin setup on Win7 Prof system fails to correctly setup Cygwin64 Terminal shortcut...

G. Wong
Tue Mar 29 05:01:53 GMT 2022

After installing Cygwin via setup-x86_64.exe, it creates a Cygwin64
Terminal shortcut on the desktop but no target is defined in it.  Clicking
on the shortcut obviously fails to start a shell console.
I did install the cygwin64 root directory to a different drive letter,
D:\cygwin64, instead of default C: drive.
In the cygwin64 directory, a batch file, Cygwin.bat, is there where running
it in a Windows cmd console will start a bash shell.
The main cmd in the batch file does a change directory from an environment
variable that doesn't exist:
cd /d "%~dp0bin" && .\bash --login -i

Setup log in /var/log doesn't show a failed setup issue.
Also, the Windows Start menu for Cygwin also has same bad link to start the


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