Longfilename problem with mintty 3.6.0

Fergus Daly fergusd84@outlook.com
Tue Mar 29 08:04:26 GMT 2022

I'm having difficulty with longfilename in the latest mintty.
As follows:
If I try to work with a file with such a longfilename that it extends beyond the right hand edge
of the mintty window, as in say
$ mv longfilename .. .. OR
$ cp longfilename .. .. OR
$ md5sum longfilename OR
similar; and if I try to save effort by (as usual)
$ mv long<TAB>
and similar, then word-wrap does not occur and I end up with visual gobbledegook on a single line
(though I think the instruction completes).
This is new since 3.6.0.
(I thought it might be something to do with the new "re-wrap on re-size" facility but cannot develop
this suspicion into anything useful.)

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