SSH connection from Linux to Windows by CYGSSHD: port 22

Andrey Repin
Thu Mar 31 20:04:35 GMT 2022

Greetings, Chris Roehrig!

> I recently had to add the following lines to my Cygwin /etc/sshd_config to
> re-enable RSA in order for my older machines to connect:

> HostKeyAlgorithms +ssh-rsa
> PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms +ssh-rsa

I'm not using RSA for, like, 5 years now.
Too long to manage.

> -- Chris

> On 2022-03-31 06:18, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> Greetings, Greco Giovanni!
>>> must port 22 on Windows server be enabled in a bidirectional way to
>>> establish a connection with RSA key exchange?
>>> I have a Linux server on a vlan and a Windows server on another vlan, those
>>> vlans are connected thru a firewall, where port 22 is enabled from Linux
>>> server to Windows server unidirectionally.
>>> Connection with user and password works, but not with RSA key exchange: is
>>> the problem located on port 22 unidirectional enabling?
>> No, it is most likely because you are connecting to Microsoft provided
>> OpenSSH.
>> `netstat -aon` and `ps ax` will tell you more.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, March 31, 2022 23:03:27

Sorry for my terrible english...

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