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Re: XWin design suggestion

On Sun, 4 May 2003, Biju wrote:

> Harold,
> Here are some suggestions, which you may incorporate into future design of XWin.
> (These are NOT at all URGENT)
> 1)
> There may be many people (not me) who may like to do everything by GUI, rather than using command
> line parameter to set things.
> So I suggest a GUI form for setting and modifying XWin configuration, 
> with provision for saving default setting.
> (But command line parameter should always supersede default setting thru GUI)

I've started working on moving some commandline options to the config file. This will
not help with the setting via gui, but would provide an easy way to store the settings.  

> 2)
> There may be people who may be familiar with Exceed, Citrix, Terminal Server Client etc. They may
> prefer to get same Keyboard shortcuts. So you can add command line option for that also.

X11 is not Terminal Server. Most of the shortcuts are for managing the remote windows
with shortcuts which do not interfere wiht the local windows. For X11 this makes no sense
since there is no remote windows. 

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