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Re: XWin design suggestion

Is there Cygwin equivalents for Windows API
GetPrivateProfileInt, GetPrivateProfileString 
WritePrivateProfileString in "kernel32.dll"
If so you could use ini files instead of registry.
and windows will take care of opening, locking, sharing, saving etc.
It is fast too....

If not, as current goal is to get a more user friendly XWin, 
I dont mind you using windows registry. 

I feel using XML is also good, 
And dont think dependency to xml library is a big issue.

But let me tell why I am against programs using win Registry....

Since the time from programs start using win.ini and system.ini
It became difficult for people like me to copy the directory 
and start running the programs. (Users freedom reduced !!!)

Then when programs started using registry no longer we are able 
copy and run, programs should be installed to run it.
(A part of Users freedom gone!!!)

In the time of DOS if you feel to format ur PC, you can just backup 
all your application, then format ur PC, Install DOS, copy only what 
ever u want from the backup, do minimal modification to autoexec.bat & 
config.sys and then start working.

Now you can not do that.

Real problem is when registry gets corrupted. I know people who are 
struggling with those issues.

Myself, I had bad experience while I wanted to upgrade my PC from 
XP Home to Pro.

As registry is keep growing performance of ur PC will reduce in due time.
(Solution I found was to create a new user and start working
Still the performance to equal as original)

registry only have very limited access control.
user can not do a "chmod" on it.
so it is easy to use, read or write any where in registry and 
programmers/companies started misusing it.
If it was in a file, programers will need to explain it 
if they tried to write it in a wrong dir.

But case where we can not avoid, I dont mind using registry.
even an easier facility to manipulate it is OK.
like Alexander Gottwald's example
echo "Some value" > /proc/registry/HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/?
(/dev/registry/ even better)
But use it only when it is essential


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