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Re: Updated: emacs*-24.2.90-1 (TEST)

Ken Brown writes:
> emacs-w32 shouldn't require dbus-daemon, as far as I know.  This
> sounds like a bug.  Could you give me a specific recipe for
> reproducing the problem?

Just make sure Cygwin has cleanly terminated, then open a mintty (I use
tcsh if that has a bearing on this bug) and start emacs-w32 from it.
Toggle the menu bar if it's not already on an select File->Open from it.
Open another mintty and try to kill the hanging emacs process from it.
Then use the task mamanger to really kill it and get a "broken pipe"
message in the second mintty.  Now dbus-launch in the first mintty and
set the two environment variables (btw, here's another bug: if you
specify csh-style, you'll get the first one for csh alright, but the
second one is still in shell syntax).  Start emacs-w32 again and observe
that you now get a functional W32 file open dialog.  You can also kill
emacs from the second mintty with no ill effects (well, poor emacs dies,
but that's expected).

>> manager (the Gtk build will also hang up on you in a slightly different way
>> after you close the dialog box it has shown).  I believe this is related to pipe
>> handling as you'll get messages about broken pipes sometimes.
> Again, please send a recipe for producing the problem with the Gtk build.

Same thing as above, just with emacs-gtk, after having started
multiwindow X11 and setting DISPLAY environment in the shell.  Unless
dbus is started and emacs can connect to it, emacs hangs up when you
cancel the file open dialog (obviously from Gtk).

> If it turns out to be necessary, which I doubt, you can simply put the
> following in your .bashrc (assuming you use bash as your shell):
> if [ -z "$DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" ] ; then
>     eval `dbus-launch --sh-syntax`
> fi

I don't normally, and the real problem will be shortcuts that so far
fired up a mintty with emacs-nox in it.  I was hoping they could simply
start emacs-w32, but I'll have to figure out how not to start a new dbus
session for each of them when it turns out that this is necessary (I
still hope it's not).

One other thing: how to tell this emacs apart from the Gtk build so that
I can switch the default font for each?

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