minidumper — Write minidump from WIN32PID to FILENAME.dmp


minidumper [-d] [-n] [-q] [-t TYPE] FILENAME WIN32PID

minidumper -h | -V


-t, --type     minidump type flags
-n, --nokill   don't terminate the dumped process
-d, --verbose  be verbose while dumping
-h, --help     output help information and exit
-q, --quiet    be quiet while dumping (default)
-V, --version  output version information and exit


The minidumper utility can be used to create a minidump of a running Windows process. This minidump can be later analysed using breakpad or Windows debugging tools.

minidumper can be used with cygwin's Just-In-Time debugging facility by adding error_start=minidumper to the CYGWIN environment variable. If CYGWIN is set this way, then minidumper will be started whenever a program encounters a fatal exception.

minidumper can also be started from the command line to create a minidump of any running process. For compatibility with dumper the target process is terminated after dumping unless the -n option is given.