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RE: perl & textmode mounts

Hi Gerrit,

>This will be resolved in the next Perl release (5.8) where 
>Perl uses its 
>own IO (perlio).

Ahhh, fine.

>> a trailing \cM. My perl script itself is in a directory mounted in
>> textmode.
>Please use binmode for the files (scripts) and the mounts.


>binmode() is not ignored on Cygwin.  Cygwin is not Win32!
>Basically spoken: Perl on Cygwin works only correct if the 
>files you are 
>working with are in binmode and if you do it on binmode mounts.
>E.g. pod2html fails on textmode pods, regardless which type 
>the mounts are.

The doc gave the impression using ":crlf" would force textmode. 
OTOH: Cygwin != win32 ==> no crlf in textmode <gg>

>Huh?  I thought there are some problems using CVS with 
>textmode files, but 
>not with binmode?
Have it all day for both mount types with no problems at all. But you have
to kept your own repository in binary mounted location. For remote
repositories is also no problem (at least for me).

>>Since the Perl sources are quite big - has anybody a clue 
>where to start looking 
>>for this bug ?
>Hmmm, there is this flag in perl.h, look for CYGWIN in perl.h, 
>I tried to 
>debug why it doesn't work as expected, but I didn't found the bug :(

So, since the problem currently just arises for prining the usage, it is not
*that* urgent. Especially if 5.8 will resolve the issue.


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