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Re: Baffled: is it Cygwin (64-bits) or Windows that causes the invocation of regedit (from bash) to fail?

Greetings, Houder!

> Another issue you might run into ...

> I was surprised to find, that 32-bits bash reported /drv/c/Windows/regedit.exe as a different file,
> compared to what 64-bits bash reported.

No surprise here. To reach 64-bit regedit (and other utilities) from 32-bit
application, you have to address it through %SystemRoot%\Sysnative path.

> Note: 32-bits cmd and 64-bits cmd report c:/Windows/regedit.exe as the SAME
> file. Which, of course, made me wonder ...

I wonder, how do you check that?

> Searching the internet again, I got the understanding, that there has been
> been a time in which a request for c:/Windows/regedit.exe was redirected to
> c:/Windows/SysWOW64/regedit.exe (in case of a 32-bits application).

> As far as I can tell, this redirection no longer applies (meaning, as far as
> can tell, MS changed its mind here).

How did you found that?

Andrey Repin ( 12.05.2014, <16:34>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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