Test: wxWidgets3.1 3.1.5-1

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty hamishmb@live.co.uk
Fri Dec 17 14:35:01 GMT 2021

Version 3.1.5-1 of "wxWidgets3.1" has been uploaded as a test package.

wxWidgets3.1 is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for GTK written in C++.

This update provides the following packages:

- wxWidgets3.1 (source package).

- wxWidgets3.1-debuginfo

- wxWidgets3.1-doc

- libwx_baseu3.1_5

- libwx_baseu3.1-devel

- libwx_gtk2u3.1_5

- libwx_gtk2u3.1-devel

- libwx_gtk3u3.1_5

- libwx_gtk3u3.1-devel

This update brings wxWidgets 3.1, which keeping the old wxWidgets3.0 
package for compatibility.

The git repository at
has also been updated.

There are quite a lot of changes here, and I have had to test manually,
so I would very much like feedback if anyone finds any problems with
these packages. I will mark them as stable in a few weeks if no issues
are reported and I find no problems myself.

I do aim to get the automated test suite to work one day, but I have had 
no luck thus far.




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