Updated: double-conversion 3.1.6-1

Lemures Lemniscati lemures.lemniscati@gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 12:54:56 GMT 2021

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libdouble-conversion-devel-3.1.6-1
* libdouble-conversion3-3.1.6-1

* double-conversion-3.1.6-1-src
* double-conversion-debuginfo-3.1.6-1

This is an update to the latest upstream

This project (double-conversion) provides binary-decimal and decimal-binary
routines for IEEE doubles.
   The library consists of efficient conversion routines that have been
extracted from the V8 JavaScript engine. The code has been refactored and
improved so that it can be used more easily in other projects.

HomePage: https://github.com/google/double-conversion#readme
News: https://github.com/google/double-conversion/blob/v3.1.6/Changelog
Source: https://github.com/google/double-conversion/tree/v3.1.6
License: BSD-3-Clause License

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Cygport Source:

Lemures Lemniscati

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