Announcements now only go to the cygwin-announce list

Jon Turney
Thu Sep 21 14:46:31 GMT 2023

The auto-forwarding of announcements from the cygwin-announce mailing 
list to the cygwin mailing list has been removed.

This seems to be hard to make work reliably (sometimes it doubles the 
messages, sometimes they don't get forwarded), apparently prevents us 
from adding a meaningful standard footer (e.g. with unsubscribe 
instructions, so we have to rely on maintainers remembering to add it 
manually), and no-one seems to know why we're doing it.

If you want to continue to receive these announcements in the future, 
please consider subscribing to the cygwin-announce mailing list (or 
reading it via news://, or via the 
various protocols that provides).

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