Announcements now only go to the cygwin-announce list

Brian Inglis
Thu Sep 21 17:13:36 GMT 2023

On 2023-09-21 08:46, Jon Turney via Cygwin wrote:
> The auto-forwarding of announcements from the cygwin-announce mailing list to 
> the cygwin mailing list has been removed.
> This seems to be hard to make work reliably (sometimes it doubles the messages, 
> sometimes they don't get forwarded), apparently prevents us from adding a 
> meaningful standard footer (e.g. with unsubscribe instructions, so we have to 
> rely on maintainers remembering to add it manually), and no-one seems to know 
> why we're doing it.
> If you want to continue to receive these announcements in the future, please 
> consider subscribing to the cygwin-announce mailing list (or reading it via 
> news://, or via the various protocols that 
> provides).

	-	also provides Atom/RSS feed link options

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