Ghostscript 6.51 release (was Re: Package maintainer release procedures)

Charles S. Wilson
Sat Jul 7 10:32:00 GMT 2001

Okay, I've uploaded Dario's new packages to /contrib/ghostscript on 
sourceware.  (I went "live" directly since (a) cgf, you'd already looked 
at Dario's first version, and the only difference between the new 
version and his first version were that he had stripped the binary, and 
repackaged as 6.51-1{-src}.tar.bz2. instead of 6.51{-src}.tar.gz.)


Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 07, 2001 at 12:08:05AM -0700, Dario Alcocer wrote:
>>>>>>>"Chuck" == Charles S Wilson <> writes:
>>   Chuck> I converted them from .gz to .bz2 to save ~1.2M on
>>   Chuck> download, and I also noticed that the gs.exe binary was not
>>   Chuck> stripped.
>>   Chuck> However, when I unpacked and stripped the gs.exe, it didn't
>>   Chuck> really shrink the binary size enough to justify "re-owning"
>>   Chuck> all the files in the tarballs as "cwilson" vs. "alcocer".
>>   Chuck> So, I didn't adjust that.
>>Chuck, on second thought, I can repackage the binary tar file again as
>>a bzip2 file with a stripped gs.exe.  Please let me know if you'd like
>>me to do this.
>>Oh, and thanks for catching the missing release number suffix in the
>>filenames; I'll have to fix the script I used to generate the .tar.gz
>>Thanks for all your help.
> I think I would prefer that you fix up your package and resubmit it to Chuck,
> Dario.
> Thanks everybody for making this a cooperative project.
> cgf

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