Ghostscript 6.51 release (was Re: Package maintainer release procedures)

Dario Alcocer
Sat Jul 7 00:19:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Chris" == Christopher Faylor <> writes:

    Chris> Right.  If you give me a URL so that I can download your
    Chris> tar balls, I will do that.

Actually, just before I got your e-mail, Chuck Wilson offered to put
them on sourceware; he mentioned that you'd be on vacation, and I was
trying to avoid taking up your time before you left.  I know how tough
it can be to "escape" from the office right before vacation :-)

    Chris> Until I set up some kind of cgi script for submitting these
    Chris> things, I think that I would like to be the funnel for
    Chris> these requests for the time being.  Although any cygwin
    Chris> developer can substitute in a pinch.

OK, I'll keep in this mind for any future releases.  Then again, the
release I just made is perfect, no bugs to be found, so I'll never
have to release it again ;-)

    Chris> Unfortunately, I have been the only email moderator for
    Chris> cygwin-announce.  I've just given Corinna this awesome
    Chris> power, though.  I hope that she is ready for this ponderous
    Chris> responsibility.

I'll be posting an announcement on cygwin-announce tomorrow (too tired

    Chris> If you send this to me and don't see any activity for a
    Chris> while, that means I'm probably gone to the sunny shores of
    Chris> Cape Cod for two weeks.  So, feel free to send it to any
    Chris> cygwin developer who volunteers.

Good for you!  Make sure you leave the cell phone, pager, and Palm
Pilot behind...

>>>>> "Chuck" =="Charles S. Wilson" <> writes:

    Chuck> As far as composition, some contributors are fairly
    Chuck> sparse, leaving documentation to the README files; others
    Chuck> (like me) prefer to put lots of info in the announcement to
    Chuck> cut down on mailing list traffic from those who will read
    Chuck> the ann. but not the README.  (I think "my side" has been
    Chuck> winning points lately vis a vis the "cron" package...)

    Chris> Or, like me, you could be sparse in both the announcement
    Chris> and the REAME...

I think I'll try Chuck's approach, hoping it might preempt a flood of

Thanks so much for your help, and have a good time on your vacation!

Dario Alcocer -- Sr. Software Developer, Helix Digital Inc. --

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