Is CVS setup.exe (tip) supposed to work?

Gary R. Van Sickle
Thu Nov 15 19:08:00 GMT 2001


> Any released branch (ie the categories branch) should _ALWAYS_ work
> 100%. HEAD may from time to time be broken, and if that happens, drop a
> note here (as you have).

Ok, thanks.

> >
> > 	H
> >
> > 	Other URL
> Hmm, methinks I've broken something. What options are you selecting as
> you run setup?

Install from internet
Root: c:\unix
Default Text File Type: DOS
Install for: All
Local package directory: C:\unix\setup
Direct connection
Then '' and "Next", and it GPFs.  It
does not appear to download setup.ini, but crashes on "Connecting...".

All these settings get pulled correctly from the registry or wherever they're
getting pulled from, if that's any consolation ;-).

One other thing that may be of help: the "H" in the mirror list only appears if
I'm running setup.exe in a 'clean' directory (e.g. the --prefix=[staging area]
directory I "make install" to after a build).  It doesn't appear if I copy
setup.exe to my regular setup directory which is already populated with files
and directories from the released setup.exe, and run it from there.

> > The "H" is new as of the build I just completed, and
> > is where I
> > normally go for updates.
> > Selecting it and "Next"ing GPFs.  Expected?  Is there a way I
> > can set up a
> > 'local mirror' or some such contrivance soas to be able to
> > work on  it?
> You can setup a local mirror, by changing the URL that the mirrors.lst
> is downloaded from to point to your own webserver - just don't check
> that change in :].

Is that required for it to work, or should it work with current mirrors as they

> As for this problem, try running setup under gdb and seeing whats going
> on here though.

Um, yeah, well, I did try that, with hi-larious dialog-boxes-a-hundred-deep
results.  Well, hi-larious perhaps if it was happening to somebody else at a
non-godforsaken hour of the morning ;-).  Guess I have no option remaining but
to read the gdb instructions ;-).

> Rob

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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