setup current problems

Robert Collins
Sun Nov 18 17:00:00 GMT 2001

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> Robert Collins wrote:
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> > Yes, which is why I'm fixing setup, not hammering on your door about
> > setup.ini :}.
> Okay, well while you're mucking with the setup code, I've got a
> for you:
> 1) joe user has the autoconf package installed on his system.  in the
> past, autoconf depended only on cygwin, perl, m4
> 2) now, the new version of autoconf depends on cygwin, perl, m4, AND
> autoconf-devel + autoconf-stable.  (I KNOW that joe user doesn't have
> autoconf-devel/stable installed because they are brand new packages)
> Q: will setup automatically select autoconf-devel and autoconf-stable
> joe chooses to update his autoconf to the new version?  Why?  (merely
> because -stable and -devel are NEW, or because of the new dependency
> specified by setup.ini for autoconf itself?)

The dependency.

> Q: what if the new dependency was on a package -- say, 'squid' -- that
> has been around a long time, and joe has previously skipped (so now
> "permanently" skipped).  Will setup present 'squid' as a new required
> dependency and automatically select it if joe decides to update his
> existing autoconf?



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