Autotools; new versions

Charles Wilson
Tue Oct 16 07:26:00 GMT 2001

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>>I'm not going to lie to you -- it IS extra work.  However, I hope that 
>>the extra work is *minimal* -- and to convince you that it is necessary.
>>The "stable" branch:
>>   autoconf-2.13
>>   automake-1.4p5
>>I would assume that these will never need to be updated.  All current 
>>development by the GNU guys is on the 2.52/1.5 branches.
>>the "devel" branch:
>>   autoconf-2.52
>>   automake-1.5
>>These are the versions you are already maintaining, and keeping current. 
>>  No *additional* work involved here.
> Just building with another --prefix, right?

Correct.  (BTW, all four versions passed 'make check' with flying 
colors).  My build script and a README are included in 

> BTW, I would prefer a common path for both packages inside of
> /usr to not mess up /usr unneccessarily:
> 	/usr/autotool/stable
> 	/usr/autotool/devel

That's easy enough to fix.  I'll try to get to fixing that, and the 
other bug I mentioned, tonight.  Then I'll upload new packages to my 

>>and I'll be around.
> That's most important ;-)


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