ITP: pinfo

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun Aug 4 01:49:00 GMT 2002

I've packaged pinfo, IMHO the most versatile console info/man reader.
It builds OOTB and all features that I tested (compressed files,
following man page references, gettext support) worked on binary
or text mounts.

You can test-install it by adding
as a mirror. Full URLs:


@ pinfo
sdesc: "A lynx-like info and man page viewer"
ldesc: "Pinfo is an info file viewer. Pinfo is similar in use to lynx.
It has similar key movements, and gives similar intuition.
You just move across info nodes, and select links, follow
them... Well, you know how it is when you view html with
lynx. :)
It supports as many colors, as it could.
Pinfo also supports viewing of manual pages -- they're
colorised like in the midnight commander's viewer, and
additionaly they are hypertextualized (i.e. when pinfo
encounters a reference of form manualname (n), then you
can press enter there, and voila -- you're on the page
for `manualname'.
Keyboard and colors are fully configurable.
Pinfo supports URL's embedded into info documents and man
pages. To be precise, supported URL's are mailto, ftp, http."
category: Doc
requires: cygwin libiconv2 libintl2 libncurses6 man

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