Small typo inTAR:cygwin-cygwin-doc-1.1-1.tar/etc/

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun Aug 4 01:56:00 GMT 2002

> There is a small typo in /etc/

There is a small typo in your email... should be
/etc/preremove/ :)

> for i in l
>                                                                               ^^^
>; do
>   install-info --delete --dir-file=${INFODIR}/dir --info-file=${i}
> done
> this should be
> for i in; do
>   install-info --delete --dir-file=${INFODIR}/dir --info-file=${i}
> done

Thanks for pointing out the bad linebreak. I've also discovered that this is wrong
anyway, that I need to change the scripts to install/delete just, which has
the node table, not the -1, -2, etc. ones. Hopefully I can get /usr/bin/info working
correctly with compressed files soon and release a -2 package with compressed files and
fixed scripts.

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