proposal for GNU emacs 21.2 package

Nicholas Wourms
Wed Aug 7 13:05:00 GMT 2002

Joe Buehler wrote:

> Note that it depends on cygwin only, because the other dlls are shipped
> with it, in an emacs-private directory, because they must be rebased 
> so emacs will
> work properly.  This is due to the way that emacs represents pointers
> internally -- objects in the data segment must reside below 0x10000000,
> and this gets violated when the Windows loader relocates dlls.

If it isn't going to use the shared libraries (dlls) on the system, 
requiring its own set instead, one wonders why are you bothering to link 
to shared libraries at all?  Wouldn't it just make more sense to use 
static libraries?  That way it is in one nice, neat package that avoids 
the whole rebase issue.  The whole point of dll's is to reuse libraries, 
but since emacs isn't going to do this, you might as well save everyone 
a headache and make a static executable.

On another note, it looks like the Xemacs guys better step up to the 
plate if they want to get a piece of the action :-P.


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