proposal for GNU emacs 21.2 package

Joe Buehler
Wed Aug 7 13:10:00 GMT 2002

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

> If it isn't going to use the shared libraries (dlls) on the system, 
> requiring its own set instead, one wonders why are you bothering to link 
> to shared libraries at all?  Wouldn't it just make more sense to use 
> static libraries?  That way it is in one nice, neat package that avoids 
> the whole rebase issue.  The whole point of dll's is to reuse libraries, 
> but since emacs isn't going to do this, you might as well save everyone 
> a headache and make a static executable.

I don't really want to bother figuring out this issue since it builds
dynamically out of the box quite nicely.  My hope is that Cygwin
will clean up the rebase stuff at some point and this can be

One possibility would be something that would rebase stuff when
it gets installed.  But whatever -- it's not up to me.

> On another note, it looks like the Xemacs guys better step up to the 
> plate if they want to get a piece of the action :-P.

Note sure what you mean here -- there is an xemacs port to Cygwin.
I ported GNU emacs because xemacs is different enough to cause
annoyance since I'm used to GNU emacs.
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