updated enscript-1.6.3-3 available, please upload

Gerrit P. Haase gp@familiehaase.de
Sun Aug 25 19:52:00 GMT 2002


I've updated enscript-1.6.3, it is the third (and hopefully last)
of the 1.6.3 releases.

        - The Enscript executable is now linked against the system
          libintl2 and also linked against libiconv2.  
        - Dependency to Perl was not satisfied in setup.hint (diffpp)
        - Fixed a bug in the postinstall script

The info file is still broken, I regenerated it, but it seems to be
the source which isn't complete.

Please fetch here:

# enscript setup.hint
sdesc: "Converts ASCII files to PostScript"
ldesc: "GNU enscript is a drop-in replacement for the enscript 
program.  Enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript and stores 
generated output to a file or sends it directly to the printer.
Enscript's default output media (paper size) is A4.
Enscript supports language sensitive code highlighting.  Highlighting
is implemented by a special `states' program which processes the input
files and annotates them with enscript's special escapes.  The states
definition file `enscript.st' is a machine independent ASCII file and
it can be updated without re-compilation of the enscript program.  The
most recent version of this file can be downloaded from the GNU
enscript WWW home page: <http://www.iki.fi/~mtr/genscript/>."
category: Text
requires: cygwin cygutils perl libintl2 libiconv2



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