Robert Collins
Mon Feb 18 20:19:00 GMT 2002

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> On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 12:27:26PM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:

> If the question is "Should 'upset' add a dummy Test entry for every
> where there is no such thing?" then the answer, IMO, is no.  I think
> same applies for the case where an initial release of a product is
> marked test.  Setting up a dummy "Current" which is the same as "Test"
> would defeat the purpose of "Test".

For the first case, I think the answer is yes, for the second, it
*should* be no (because, as you say, it would defeat the purpose of

Otherwise we need a *new* mechanism to tell setup.exe when a package is
replaced from current to test - that is that no test version exists, and
that when moving to test, the current version should be removed.

> I think that the bottom line is that setup.exe should NEVER default to
> Uninstall.  Uninstall should only be on when the user specifically
> it.  Anything else is, IMO, surprising and dangerous.

I agree that the user should be warned before automated uninstalls
happen. Thats not ever been the case though in the gui.

Setup doesn't *default* to uninstall. Two things have to happen:
The user has to select Test (which means 'give me a testing
Their has to be no valid testing version for that package.


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