Brian Keener
Mon Feb 18 20:31:00 GMT 2002

Robert Collins wrote:
> Setup doesn't *default* to uninstall. Two things have to happen:
> The user has to select Test (which means 'give me a testing
> distribution').
> Their has to be no valid testing version for that package.

But if I select test (which means 'give me a testing package not a testing 
distribution') and the only test version available is a test version of vim 
that I want to try and everything else defaults to uninstall and I say next 
what do I have when I get done - nada - nothing and lets do it again because I 
wasn't paying attention and had no idea that setup would uninstall my entire 
system because I wanted to try one test version.

Hummmmm - sounds pretty nasty to me.


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