Charles Wilson
Sat Feb 23 08:51:00 GMT 2002

Robert Collins wrote:

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>>From: Charles Wilson []
>>Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2002 6:10 PM
>>Subject: ITP: pkgconfig
>>I've got pkgconfig ready for contribution to the cygwin distribution. 
>>Since we're starting to get a few packages that include .pc files 
>>(libxslt, libxml-2.0) we probably ought to have this. I've 
>>got version 
>>0.10.0 (released 2002-02-02) ready to.
>>I think it should go in latest/pkgconfig/ alongside the 
>>autotools (and 
>>not contrib).
> For the package, yes. For the location, I think contrib. IMO *everything* thats not absolutely essential is contributed :}.

I disagree.  IMO, the distinction between contrib and latest is 
precisely zero.  Is 'opengl' (latest) more essential than 'perl' 
(contrib)?  Is 'ctags' (latest) more essential than 'gettext' (contrib)? 
   cpio? mt? bc? clear? (all latest) -- these are hardly essential for 
most users.

See this message:

> In fact, I'd go so far to suggest that we abolish latest and contrib altogether.. 

Well, yeah, me too -- but setup got confused, according to some users, 
the last time we tried moving packages around (ncurses).  Lets verify 
that the soon-to-be-released setup can handle moving ONE package 
(gettext?) before advocating a wholesale rearrangement.  (AND give 
everybody out there some time to switch from the old 'stable' setup to 
the new 2.194.2.x one).

Wasn't Chris mumbling about rearranging stuff at some point?


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