New file for winsup/utils

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sat Feb 23 13:13:00 GMT 2002

> > Chuck, do you want to grab the file from cygwin-patches and put it in
> cygutils?
> Sure, that sounds like a good addition.
OK, c file and man page attached. The copyright is updated and the 
version now reads 1.01. I assume you would rather mess with
the Makefile since you're already familiar with the cygutils source;
let me know if I need to provide patches for anything.

> > I'll need to write different documentation than utils.sgml also.
> Is there some automated tool that could convert your .sgml to .texinfo? 
> That'd be good...'cause then the installation could create .info and we 
> could use texi2roff to generate the man page(*)
> (*) this would not be part of an "ordinary" build process; as the 
> maintainer, we'd use texi2roff to generate a man page, and ship that 
> manpage.1 file as part of the sources.  texi2roff is here: 
> I'm not sure how good a job it does; and the generated manfile would 
> probably need some editing.  Does anybody speak roff?
I speak a little roff, so since I don't have a sgml->texinfo translator
I just made a mkshortcut.1 file. Maybe there's something to convert man
to texinfo, so documentation can be created in either format and translated?
I've used man2html quite a bit and it works well. 

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