[ITP] ImageMagick

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Thu Dec 4 00:33:00 GMT 2003

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

> huntharo@msu.edu wrote:
>> David,
>> Billinghurst, David (CALCRTS) wrote:
>>> I have built ImageMagick-5.5.3 as a shared library.  It worked for me
>>> some time in July 2003.
>>> I indended to contribute the package myself, but .... (insert usual 
>>> excuses). I am travelling on business, but I have one of my old build 
>>> script with me.  See below.
>> Thanks.  Can you justify the following flags you passed:
>>   --disable-largefile --without-frozenpaths \
>>   --with-magick-plus-plus --without-perl -without-wmf
>> --without-perl is required because the PerlMagick build fails.
> Getting it to support a vendor installdir is actually not that 
> difficult.  OOTB, it isn't DESTDIR friendly.  However, all it requires 
> is, post configure, switching to the perl dir and rerunning perl 
> Makefile.PL with the appropriate MakeMaker args to get it to work.

I ran 'perl Makefile.PL' but it complained about not being able to find 
some X libs.  Any clue as to what the "appropriate MakeMaker" args would 
be?  I have no idea what MakeMaker is let along what args it needs.

>> --without-wmf is detected automatically.
>> --with-magick-plus-plus is detected automatically.
> I see no reason why we shouldn't support Magick++, it built fine for me 
> a year ago.

I think you read that wrong: "--with-" is detected automatically.  That 
is, it defaults to "yes".

>> --without-frozenpaths is a mystery to me.  I don't know what it does.
>> Additionally, configure.ac looks for "convert":
>> AC_PATH_PROG(ConvertDelegate, "$ConvertDelegateDefault", 
>> "$ConvertDelegateDefault")
>> On Windows, it finds:
>> checking for convert... /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/convert
> Not out of the box, but you could do what I do, which is to add a script 
> to profile.d which sanitizes my $PATH of unnecessary entries.

Could you send in that snippit for me?  I had to clean the path by hand 
this time.

> Or you 
> could set the PATH inside the build script and restore it after it 
> finishes.  Or, if you are feeling bold my friend, you could rewrite the 
> macro based on the source from the m4 file in global autoconf share dir. 
>  You'd need to change the name of the macro (i.e. AC_CYG_PATH_PROG), 
> edit it so that it sanitizes the $PATH of /cygdrive/* before beginning 
> the actual check, and then drop the macro into acinclude or 
> configure.{in,ac} itself.

Yeah, I think I will take the one-off fix this time :)


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