Integrating Ralf's rebase into setup.exe

Charles Wilson
Thu Jan 2 17:52:00 GMT 2003

Ralf Habacker wrote:
>>Thats orthogonal (but IIRC is possible now/soon). The build within
>>setup.exe will be a .a library, not a .dll. You could always use a
>>compile flag to choose between cout error reporting and exceptions.
> What about the following:
> Step 1: library for standalone rebase

> Step 1 is already in already supported.

Not really -- it doesn't compile anymore.  Among other things:

0) Update the changelog when you do stuff.  (You renamed the library 
itself, and that doesn't rate a mention in the ChangeLog?)

1) you need to 'cvs add imagehelper.h'
    (and 'rm imagehlp.h && cvs remove imagehlp.h')
    This is the biggie -- all of the .cc files now look for 
imagehelper.h -- but it isn't in CVS.

2) you probably should also
    rm && cvs remove
    since you're actually using the nearly identical '' file 

3) Makefile rule for REBASE_FILES should be changed back to
REBASE_FILES=rebase_main.o version.o $(LIB_TARGET_FILE)

4) You probably should use "ar cru" to create your static library, "ar 
qf" will flake unless you ranlib it each time.

5) is the '' file used at all?

6) I've got more, but they depend on the above things, which aren't 
really patches...


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