Integrating Ralf's rebase into setup.exe

Ralf Habacker
Thu Jan 2 18:15:00 GMT 2003

> Not really -- it doesn't compile anymore.  Among other things:

You have gotten me just between finishing the things. I was interrupted a little
after written the last mail, so 10 minutes later is was mostly fixed.

> 0) Update the changelog when you do stuff.  (You renamed the library
> itself, and that doesn't rate a mention in the ChangeLog?)
> 1) you need to 'cvs add imagehelper.h'
>     (and 'rm imagehlp.h && cvs remove imagehlp.h')
>     This is the biggie -- all of the .cc files now look for
> imagehelper.h -- but it isn't in CVS.
> 2) you probably should also
>     rm && cvs remove
>     since you're actually using the nearly identical '' file
> instead.
> 3) Makefile rule for REBASE_FILES should be changed back to
> REBASE_FILES=rebase_main.o version.o $(LIB_TARGET_FILE)

> 4) You probably should use "ar cru" to create your static library, "ar
> qf" will flake unless you ranlib it each time.

> 5) is the '' file used at all?
it is used in


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