proposal: ioperm support for Cygwin

Nicholas Wourms
Fri Jan 24 13:57:00 GMT 2003

I don't think this has come up before, but is there any 
reason why this couldn't be added to the Cygwin dll [either 
now or at some later date]?  The framework appears to be 
somewhat similar to how we are going about implimenting SysV 
IPC's.  The only issue might be how to deal with the driver 
[arguably a very touchy subject].  I would argue that our 
touching the registry alone is much worse then installing a 
system driver.  As long as it is not orphaned, it shouldn't 
be a big deal.  In any event, the interface could be purely 
optional in the same way that cygserver will be.  One could 
possibly even break the driver and binary out into a 
seperate package.  Any thoughts?  The only reason I bring 
this up is the fact that ioperm() is a part of linux's 
glibc, so most applications which would use it expect it to 
be available via the system's libc.  In any event, it just 
seems it might be easier to do it this way.  However, this, 
of course, depends on the wishes of the author concerning 
licensing agreements.  Just a thought, though...


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