proposal: ioperm support for Cygwin

Marcel Telka
Mon Jan 27 10:08:00 GMT 2003

Napísané dňa 2003.01.24 14:54, (autor: Nicholas Wourms):
> I don't think this has come up before, but is there any reason why 
> this couldn't be added to the Cygwin dll [either now or at some later

It depends on cygwin1.dll maintainer. :-)

> date]?  The framework appears to be somewhat similar to how we are 
> going about implimenting SysV IPC's.  The only issue might be how to 
> deal with the driver [arguably a very touchy subject].  I would argue 
> that our touching the registry alone is much worse then installing a 
> system driver.  As long as it is not orphaned, it shouldn't be a big 
> deal.  In any event, the interface could be purely optional in the 
> same way that cygserver will be.  One could possibly even break the 
> driver and binary out into a seperate package.  Any thoughts?  The 
> only reason I bring this up is the fact that ioperm() is a part of 
> linux's glibc, so most applications which would use it expect it to

This is a solution (it's not ideal, but works :-):

AC_SEARCH_LIBS([ioperm], [ioperm])

> be available via the system's libc.  In any event, it just seems it 
> might be easier to do it this way.  However, this, of course, depends 
> on the wishes of the author concerning licensing agreements.  Just a 
> thought, though...

Only library/ioperm.c file is one which should be included in main 
cygwin1.dll. If there is a problem with license I could change the 
license of this file to BSD-like (if this helps). Other two files 
(include/sys/io.h and include/sys/perm.h) in ioperm package required to 
include in cygwin dll distribution are copied from glibc sources...


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