Unusual request: get bison 1.35 back as prev version

Volker Quetschke quetschke@scytek.de
Mon Jan 27 08:24:00 GMT 2003


(This request is directed to the bison maintainer, propably Christopher)

The reason why I would like to get back access to the "old" bison 1.35
version is, that it is a prerequisite for the build of OpenOffice 1.0.2.

The cygwin environment is used to provide all the tools that are needed
to build OpenOffice for windows. (Unfortunately it still uses MSVC+, but

The bison package at the moment is only the 1.75 version, no previous
version is set. It would be very kind if you could provide access to the
1.35 version via the previous option

The developers versions of OpenOffice build with bison 1.75, but
unfortunately the just released source archive for the latest stable
version 1.0.2 doesn't build with bison 1.35 so new volunteers for
OOo cannot get a working environment to build it.


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