PATCH: generic-build-script

Charles Wilson
Fri May 30 20:06:00 GMT 2003

Max Bowsher wrote:

>>As far as I can tell, generic-build-script and generic-readme are not IN


>> htdocs


>> repository.  The new file simply needs to be uploaded to the
>>webserver.  Or added to CVS, whichever.
> No, they are already in CVS:
> In fact, you are the one who checked them in. :-)

Ah, but I don't have a check-out copy of the 'packaging' module from the 
cygwin-apps repository.  I only had a copy of the htdocs repository -- 
and that's where I looked.

I've corrected that, and checked-in the patch.  But that still doesn't 
ensure that the updated version makes it over to the web page.  cgf will 
have to check out the new version and copy it over to the webserver.


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